My blog to try to take a picture every day for 365 days long. They say at the begining it is easy but it gets ruff allong the way. Stay tuned.

dinsdag 15 mei 2012

Day 296 of the 365 days

I am trying to make a picture from the splashing raindrops in this bowl in the garden. One again it is not the one I want to use for the Seen in 112 Pictures in 2012 group. In this one is just ONE raindrop.
 Greetings, stay healthy and take good care of each other,
(picture taken on 05-15-2012 at 19:37 hour)

This one is a bonus because I see now that almost the same picture is posted on 04-28-2012.
This is how I took these pictures.
[picture taken on 05-15-2012 at 19:34 hour]

4 opmerkingen:

Ann's 365 Days 2012 ~ 2013 zei

Lovely pictures Marga.

Raewyn zei

I can see by the way you are dressed that it was definitely raining whe you took these photos! Neat pics of the raindrops.

Karin på Ösäter zei

I love the top photo with the duck! I try to learn how to take great photos but I need to practice much more.

Have a nice weekend.

Lucy zei