My blog to try to take a picture every day for 365 days long. They say at the begining it is easy but it gets ruff allong the way. Stay tuned.

zondag 6 mei 2012

Day 286 of the 365 days

Do you know what this is?
Greetings, stay healthy and take good care of each other,
(picture taken on 05-05-2012 at 18:24 hour)

5 opmerkingen:

Doniene zei

rotary cutter?

Joanne zei

How could we live without it - such an important tool!

Raewyn zei

I had no idea until I read the other comments!!! Clever photo!

Anoniem zei

A rotary cutter (like Doniene wrote) ?

Doniene zei

What is it?