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woensdag 18 april 2012

Day 269 of the 365 days

What have I learned this week...... when I am not feeling well I should not start someting new to sew. I tried to make a "little quilt of love" but it didn't work out that well. Don't worry I will not throw it away, I will give it to a school near by for in the puppetcorner as a dollquilt.
Greetings, stay healthy and take good care of each other,
(picture taken on 04-18-2012 at 18:28 hour)

2 opmerkingen:

Lucy zei

Zo slecht ziet het er toch niet uit.... overigens heb ik ook een poppenhoek op het werk ;-)

Anoniem zei

For me this mini quilt is just beautiful.