My blog to try to take a picture every day for 365 days long. They say at the begining it is easy but it gets ruff allong the way. Stay tuned.

maandag 19 maart 2012

Day 236/237/238/239 of the 365 days

On Friday 16 March our foon and internet provider made a big mistake. Because of that we couldn't call and get on line till tis afternoon. So there will be four pictures.
Day 236 of the 365 days.
Want to sew feathers on the machine so I have to practice it by drawing it as often as I can. (Picture is taken on 03-16-2012 at 23:30 hour)
Day 237 of the 365 days.
Still mad at Ziggo for making that stupid mistake. They gave our account to someone new. Within five minutes today is was back to us. They couldn't do that on Friday. We called them and the people who got our foonnumber en internet called several times. (picture taken on 03-17-2012 at 15:48 hour)
Day 238 of the 365 days.
-Making YOYO's in withe for a wedding on Friday (picture taken on 03-18-2012 at 22:17 hour)
Day 239 of the 365 days.
In this baskett are goning to be the blocks for the wedding quilt, we hope all the guests want to sign one. (picture taken on 03-19-2012 at 11:40 hour)

Greetings, stay healthy and take good care of each other.

4 opmerkingen:

Sharon zei

What a lovely post. I have been missing your pictures. I am glad you are able to be back. I love the basket with the yo yos. It's quite beautiful. I also can't wait to see the feathers stitched up on a quilt.

Lucy zei

Ooh gelukkig dat je net ziek was ofzo.. Maar heel vervelend dat je geen telefoon en internet had!
Leuke mand Mar en de veren lukken echt heel goed!

Joanne zei

How annoying to be without phone and internet for so long - glad it is all back.
The wedding quilt is such a wonderful idea.

Anoniem zei

We depend so much on electronics. Anyway it's working again.
I love the basket project.